About Us

It has the feature of being the first BOUTİQUE MILL of Turkey with its plant with modern and technological infrastructure.

The plant consisting of two main production centres involves productions of Ready-Made Bread Mixes, Pastry Ingredients and Cake Mixes as well as the Modern Boutique Mill. In the Boutique Mill, it supplies products to many domestic and international companies operating in the cereal-based food industry. It is also an important partner in producing specially prescribed products according to the demands of all customers in the cereal-based food industry, mainly breaking, crushing and milling processes with its advanced R&D centre and laboratory.

The mill section consists of clarification, stone separation, classification, crushing, firing and milling sections. The plant with the ability to process any cereal group can also control the moisture on product at every stage with the help of the firing unit..

In the applied analyzes, the products found suitable as per the COOKERS TECHNICAL PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS are taken into the raw material storage.

In the mill section, the cereals carefully selected by our expert team available in various regions of Turkey are sent to the COOKERS plants. Firstly, samples are taken from every batch of cereal with the help of probes and hectolitre, moisture, gluten, gluten index, falling number analyses and controls are performed in the COOKERS laboratory to determine the quality and characteristics of the cereal. The cereals, which are found to be complied with the COOKERS technical purchase criteria, are taken from the closed silos and stored there. Afterwards, it is classified according to its intended use and characteristics. And then they are taken into the plant with the help of elevators in accordance with the production schedule.

The COOKER'S Cereal group, which is set out with the motto "Healthy Products, Healthy Generations", has adopted the principle of processing the cereal group and making it into the most natural form.